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Promethean User Groups

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Questions, comments, suggestions of topics to add 
Promethean Planet 



*If you are having trouble opening any of the flipcharts from this page, watch this video*




Basic Operation  (flipchart)


Tips for use





Beginner:  What is a flipchart?

ActivInspire for Beginners 

ActivInspire for Beginners Rev. 2010

(Also see Basic Skills 1 and accompanying tutorials below)

Annotate over the Desktop


Intermediate:  I can find, download, and use flipcharts.  I'm ready to make my own!

Layers and Stacks

Magic Ink and Eraser Tools

Hiding things


Camera Tool

Color Picker Tool

Restrictors (Promethean Planet link-may load slowly)

Customizing the Toolbar 

Make a Page Template


Advanced:  Becoming an ActivInspire Guru

ActivInspire for Intermediate and Advanced 




Embedding video

Motion Paths (Restrictor)

Inserting Media

Groups and Pulleys

Using Sound

Inserting Flash:  Cool Text, Banners, etc.

Using PowerPoint Viewer:  shows how to set up PowerPoint to open in Viewer by default, so that flipcharts with PowerPoint files embedded open right up in presentation mode-saving you clicks in class.



Promethean User Group Flipcharts and Tutorials

Basic Skills 1:  This flipchart shows how to save, using the shape tool, the fill tool, clear tool, grouping objects together, stacking on the same layer, and introduces the object edit toolbar. 
Tutorials: Part 1     Part 2        Part 3



Presentation Tips 1:  5 ways to hide things on the page (or off the page!). 
Tutorials:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


Layers and Stacks:  This flipchart explains the concepts and provides activities to help you understand how these features can be used to create lessons.
Tutorials: Task 1      Task 2         Task 3        Task 4


ActivInspire for Beginners:  This is the flipchart used in class. 


Using Actions: This flipchart explains actions and how to use them in your flipcharts.
Tutorials: Task 1      Task 2         Task 3        Task 4


Sounds:  How to use and record sounds
Tutorials: Adding Sounds to Play Across Multiple Pages  Using the Sound Recorder  Resource Library Sounds  Adding Sound to an Object Sound Settings









*Many of the tutorials on this page came from Promethean Planet.  Visit the planet for free flipcharts, resources, and more ActivTips on tons of useful topics.  


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