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Tech Plan Survey

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Dr. Witt is asking for advice moving forward with the tech plan.  Here are the basics: 

  • DMC's (SAFARI) are failing rapidly
  • Projectors are being used more and more often by teachers on a regular basis


Because of these and other factors, options are being considered to alter the tech plan.  Our leadership believes in doing what will benefit students and staff the most, and therefore are seeking help before proposing anything. 


Here are the options.  None of these will alter the plans for purchasing laptops, or any other equipment in the tech plan that is NOT mentioned in the options below-those purchases will all take place according to plan under these proposals:

1.  Current Plan: 

  • 60 Promethean boards purchased this year, 60 again next year
  • 50 projectors purchased this year, another 50 next year
  • 32 sets of clickers purchased this year, another 32 next year
  • Advantages:  we have approval to move forward with this plan now.
  • Disadvantages:  we do not have the staff to install 100 (40 are from last year) boards this year.  We do not have the time or budget for staff development for the 100 staff who would receive the boards

2.  Option 2:  Delay all Promethean Boards

  • 0 Promethean Boards purchased this year, 60 next year, 60 in the future
  • 275 projectors this year, 0 next year as all classrooms would have projectors
  • 32 sets of clickers this year, 32 sets next year
  • Advantages:  every classroom gets a projector
  • Disadvantages:  No Promethean Boards ready for the start of next year, possibly fewer total boards (if they are moved past the end of the approved 4 year tech plan, they are no longer approved and would have to be asked for again)

3.  Option 3:  Delay some boards and all clickers

  • 30 Promethean boards this year, 30 next year, 60 more in the future
  • 275 projectors this year, 0 next year as all classrooms would have projectors
  • 0 clickers purchased this year, 64 sets next year
  • Advantages:  Every classroom gets a projector, 30 Promethean boards ready for the start of school next year (installed over the summer)
  • Disadvantages:  All clickers delayed for a year, possibly fewer boards



Please use the form below to rank the options described above: 




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