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What is a Voicethread?




What can Voicethreads be used for?





Examples of Voicethread:


1st Grade
2nd Grade 
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
5th Grade
5th Grade




Starting your Voicethead account:


1.  Go to www.voicethread.com

2.  Click the Register link. Enter the requested information. Click Register.

          TEACHERS - Using your school email address will allow you to upgrade to a free "PRO" account which

          has special features available to teachers.

3.  Remember your email and password so you will be able to login.

4.  In the upper right hand corner, click on the "Go PRO!" button. An account window will open and make

     sure that you click on the "K-12 Educators Click here".

5.  Enter any requested information and click the "Apply" button.

6.  Rather quickly (within 24 hours) you will get a confirmation email that you can use to start to create your





Creating your first Voicethread:


1.     Gather pictures and information (putting it in a folder helps)

2.     Log into Voicethread and click ‘Create’

3.     Click on ‘Upload’ and choose ‘From My Computer’

4.     Select the folder with your information in it and open it

5.     Double click on the pictures that you want to upload (for lots of pictures you can draw a rectangle around all of the pictures, then push ‘Enter’)

6.     Drag the pictures around the screen to put them into the  order that you want them in

7.     Add some introductory comments & questions to your slides

8.     Add a title and a description to your thread

9.     Acknowledge your sources on the final slide 

10.    Share with the rest of the class.



Voicethread Tutorials and Guides 





VoiceThread Getting Started.pdf


Using Voicethread


Voicethread Creating Student Identities


Voicethread Checklist


Voicethread Rubric





Other resources:







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