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Tips for use

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Some tips for using your ActivSlate:

1.  Hold the pen perpendicular to the board when writing, dragging, etc.

2.  Press firmly

3.  When clicking, hold your hand steady by resting your palm on the slate and pressing the nib firmly to the board.

4.  When scrolling or moving the cursor, keep from accidentally clicking by resting your palm on the board to help maintain a constant distance just above the surface of the slate. 



Some tips for designing lessons to use with the ActivSlate:

1.  Don't have students do a lot of writing with the slate

2.  When there are things to be dragged around or selected, make sure they are big enough on the screen to easily "grab" with the pen. 

*Remember that younger students may learn how to use it quickly, but they are still developing the dexterity needed to write neatly and manipulate objects within small spaces.  Double clicking will be hard for them with the slate, as will writing legibly. 



Some tips for presenting things with the slate (teacher use in front of students):

1.  Use handwriting recognition when you'd rather have typed text but are not near the computer.  You can get to it by clicking on "Tools" in the menus at the top of ActivInspire and choosing Handwriting Recognition. 

2.  Select text after it has been converted to easily resize it and organize it on the screen as new things are added. 

3.  If there is a fair amount of discussion, the slate may not respond immediately.  Just hold the pen over the slate and move it around a bit until it is recognized again.  It only takes a second.  Sometimes it will even power itself down.  Just turn it back on and you'll be ready to go in seconds.  (You can change this setting in the ActivSlate menu.  Touch the menu with the pen in the slate's display window.  There is an automatic shut off timer that can be changed.)

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