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iPad Study Group


   iPad Study Group Home
Objectives Helpful Links 


This is the workspace for the USD 418 iPad Study Group.  Each member of the group has been invited to these pages so that we can collaborate on tasks.  If you have any issues with logging in or access to the pages, please contact Andy Hanson.  



About the group:


The iPad study group was formed with the help of a grant by Cox Communications; allowing the purchase of 5 iPads for the use of enhancing technology in USD #418 Public Schools.  Its members are comprised of teachers and staff members who represent a cross section of grades and subjects in the school district.  The mission of the group is to determine the best uses of these tools, and to advise on matters pertaining to future use in classrooms across the district.  At the conclusion of the group's work, we hope to have a bank of information and resources that are easily available to teachers and staff across the district; enabling them to make decisions and plan accordingly to meet objectives.     





September 6, 2011:

  • Update:  

    • DTC

    • Our goals for the year

  • Review apps list compiled by the group

    • Anything game-changing?

    • Problems/Concerns along the way? 

  • Revise list of questions/problems to solve

    • What issues have arisen as you've been using your iPad?

    • What issues do you anticipate teachers having in the classroom?

    • What items have been answered/solved? 

  • Initial Assessment:  Is the iPad a tool that you would like to utilize in the classroom with students?  

    • If so, how?   

    • If not, why?   



April 11, 2011:


  • Wiki use and logins:

    • All members have been invited to view and edit the iPad pages.  We will use this space to jot notes about things we find, answers to questions, etc. and then things will be compiled into the appropriate documents when we are done with each task/question.   

  • Tasks and Questions

    • These are the two main parts of our page; containing the items we will explore and research.  Please add any additional items you think of as we go.  Also, use the resources link as a starting point to find what you seek.   

    • The task(s) for everyone to be working on right now:

      • Find an app that you like for your individual subject area/grade level and add it to the table under the Tasks link.  

      • If there are any other tasks or questions that you think you can tackle, go ahead and add your findings to those parts of the wiki.   




Andy Hanson:  Technology Staff Development Coordinator

Larry Chaney:  Technology Director

Carol Baker:  WES 2nd

Cheryl Flaming:  WES/RES Music

Jane Ledell:  MMS Building Tech Coordinator

Dustan Kanitz:  MMS English

Bev Nye:  MMS 6th/7th Literature

Jackie Bohnenblust:  MMS History

Russell Kahle:  Band/Orchestra

Paul Carver:  RES 4/5

Judy Seidl:  MHS Science

Jason Fish:  MMS Math

Jeff Lough:  School Psychologist



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