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iPad Objectives

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iPad Objectives


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  • Learn about the iPad's potential as a learning tool in the USD 418 environment

  • Help Develop policy/procedures governing the use of iPads/iPods

  • Study the potential of iPad as an alternative to more expensive devices



 Questions/Problems to Solve:

  • How do teachers set up several iPads for class use?

    • Synchronizing

    • Charging several at once

    • Getting Apps/Issues related to using one app on several devices (license agreements)

    • Etc.

  • What will policies be regarding iPad use?

    • Insurance?  

    • Accidental damage

    • Acceptable use policy/User Agreement 

  • How many iPads can be managed from one iTunes account? (unlimited)

    • How will we purchase apps for use with multiple devices? (App Store Volume Purchase Program) 

  • What is the cost comparison for iPad vs. netbooks, laptops, Mac Minis, etc.?  

  • What are some things we can/can't do with it?  

  • Are there significant limitations to educational use compared with other devices?

  • What accessories/peripherals are needed?

    • stylus

    • keyboard

    • screen protector

    • case


Resources to Create:

  • Apps Guide:  list of educational apps, descriptions, use, price, etc.

  • Startup Guide:  for setting up new iPads for classroom use

  • Policy/User Agreement:  Acceptable Use, accidental damage, etc.

  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Apps purchasing guide

  • Cost comparison sheet:  comparison with devices listed in above section



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